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12 Month - Candy of the Month

Candy of the Month | In stock

Wow! Take your favorite candy company and give the gift that really keeps on giving!
Spokandy has selected our most popular variety of products and now they are available
for your gift giving each and every month guaranteed, complete with hand written card.
Sit back and hear the joy month after month as your recipient can’t believe the endless sweet
and fresh surprise. The process is easy, simply sign up for your 12 month program.

We didn’t forget about you oh no!!! Just for signing up we will give you your own Spokandy
1 pound premium gift box. ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

The list month by month: (Your program will begin the following month of sign up)

Jan: Toasted Marshmallow coconut 16oz
Feb: English Almond Toffee 16oz
Mar: Pecan caramel Patties 8oz, Cashew Caramel clouds 8oz
April: Famous since 1913 Murphy’s 16oz
May: Assorted spring taffy 16oz
June: Cashew Coconut Brittle 16oz
July: Peanut Brittle 16oz
Aug: Assorted Fudge Cube 2/pack & 1 Caramel Cube 
Sept: Whole bean chocolate coffee/huckleberry coffee 2/9 oz
Oct: 16 piece truffle assortment
Nov: 2 pack (Huckleberry Jam 8oz, Huckleberry Honey 8oz)
Dec: 8oz premium and 1-6oz pastel mints/ 1-6oz dinner mint tubes!

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